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Louisiana Hot Links

These spicy, all-beef sausages made in California style deliver rich Cajun flavor reminiscent of a proper New Orleans–style feast.

Pineapple Sausage

Pineapple chunks add the perfect touch of sweetness in this pioneering flavor that’s become a fan-favorite.

All-Natural Spicy Mango Sausage

We’re bringing the heat to our favorite tropical sausage for the perfect blend of sweet and spicy that makes this sausage an absolute must-have

All-Natural Bacon Cheddar Sausage

The taste of cheddar meets the richness of bacon to create soul-satisfying flavor. Chunks of real cheddar cheese inside these sausages make every bite an absolute treat.

All-Natural Pineapple Sausage

Made with antibiotic-free, hormone-free pork, our all-natural sausages contain no added nitrates or nitrites and no gluten, milk, or MSG. Pineapple adds the perfect touch of sweetness in this pioneering flavor that’s become a fan-favorite.

Polish Kielbasa Sausage

Made in the old-country tradition, our Polish Sausage has the familiar seasoning and texture that have made this Polish staple popular worldwide.

Garlic Sausage

Just the right touch of garlic gives these sausages their distinctive lively taste and rich aroma.

Bockwurst Sausage

The delicate flavor of this traditional weisswurst, or “white sausage,” is an Oktoberfest favorite.

British Style Bangers

These savory sausages often are served with mashed potatoes and gravy in the classic England pub dish “bangers and mash.” They’re also a staple of a traditional British breakfast.

Old Fashioned Beef Frankfurters

Our all-beef frankfurters are old fashioned in all the best ways. Perfectly seasoned and packed in a natural casing for that signature snap with every bite, they embody traditions in the making.